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In 2013, I am making an ambitious goal.

I am going to read 50 books total within the year.

Never mind that I made that exact same goal last year. I reached it, even managing to read 56 books in 2012. I consider it a successful year.

Moving on. My epic friend Erin has begun a unique reading challenge entitled Erin’s Epic Reading 2013 Reading Challenge that I think I shall participate in. So, here goes:


  • Read a book by a favorite author: Everlost, by Neal Shusterman. I’m a huge fan of Shusterman; I fell in love with his writing after reading Unwind, UnWholly, and Bruiser. I can’t wait to get started on Everlost.
  • Reread a favorite book: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. The movie of Catching Fire is being released on November 22nd of this year, and of course I have to reread the book before seeing the movie. I might end up rereading the entire trilogy, as I did before the release of The Hunger Games, but I’m reading Catching Fire for sure.
  • Read a classic: Les Misérables by Victor Hugo. After listening to the music and seeing the movie, I now must read the book. I’ve heard that it is long and tedious, but I SHALL PREVAIL! I’m not going to try to tackle this very early in the year, though. I have to prepare myself before I begin, of course.
  • Read a book you normally wouldn’t read: How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr. I don’t typically read contemporary YA fic, but the premise of this book seems intriguing and I have read many good reviews on it, so I’m prepared to give it a try.
  • Read a book recommended by a friend: The Percy Jackson series, recommended to me by Erin. This is more than one book, and I’m not guaranteeing that I’ll finish the series at all, but I’m going to try to. I read The Lightning Thief a long while ago and then kind of just left the series. And now I’m back. So, I’m sort of cheating, because I’ve already begun reading the series, but because there are still multiple books left in it for me to read, I’m considering it a legit thing. :)
  • Read a book in a genre you wouldn’t normally read: The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I watched the movie (yes, yes, I know, major faux pas; read the book before watching the movie and all that…) and really liked it. I never, ever read historical fiction. Occasionally I’ll read historical fantasy–even that doesn’t really seem historical because of the magical elements in it, though–but historical fiction is something I avoid like the plague. Since I so enjoyed the movie, however, I’m going to venture into the genre just this once.
  • Read a book primarily about dragons: DragonQuest by Donita K. Paul. This is the second book in the DragonKeeper Chronicles, and I really liked the first book, DragonSpell. However, I don’t really remember much about it. So I think I shall reread DragonSpell (or perhaps just skim-read it), and then move on to DragonQuest. Whatever the case, I’m excited about it. DragonSpell was a little bit slow pacing-wise, but I’m told that the series picks up in intrigue after that. So I’m excited. I love dragons. Dragons are BEAST. Pun intended.
  • Read a book you started but never finished: Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi. When I first read it, I couldn’t get into it and just really disliked it all-around, so I’m not quite sure why I’m going to try reading it again. The premise does sound intriguing now, however, and I don’t really remember much from when I attempted to read it beforehand, so perhaps I’ll like it more now. Who knows?
  • Read a book retelling a fairytale: Scarlet by Marissa Meyer [Not to be confused in any way with Stephenie Meyer.] This is the second book in the Lunar Chronicles, fairytale retellings mainly focusing on Cinder–Cinderella turned cyborg. The first novel in the series, Cinder, was absolutely epic and I cannot wait for Scarlet–which will add Little Red Riding Hood to the story–to be released in February. There are many other fairytale retellings that I am anxious to read, but this one tops the list.


So, that completes Erin’s Epic 2013 Reading Challenge! If you have any book recommendations, et cetera, leave them in the comments; I’d love to hear them!

Here’s to 50 books in 2013! *raises glass of strawberry slush*