Who am I?

I’m Jean Valjean. Duh, guys.

To address the actual topic, I (Andrea, that is) am kind of insane. I would like the entire world to know this.

I would also like the entire world to know that I love to read books and watch movies. I have a crippling addiction to cookie dough that may or may not contribute to the craziness of my mind.

I am an aspiring author, and have completed the writing of one novel in the fantasy genre. I am currently working on a futuristic science fiction novel and a fantasy novel, both of which I hope to finish.

I am a teen author and proud of it.

Below is a collage that displays all of my favorite things. Study it closely and you will become a better person.

All About Me_pixlr

I go into detail about this collage elsewhere…to view the post, click on the pic! (Also, that rhymed. OH, YEAH.)

About my blog name:

“The pen is mightier than the sword.” This quote was penned by author Edward Bulwer-Lytton a very long while ago. No doubt you have heard it at some point in your life.

While I greatly appreciate this quote and its meaning, I cannot bring myself to look down on ninjas, assassins, or any other social class that makes a habit of carrying around swords and other beautiful pointy objects. I will be frank with you; I love swords. I could gaze at them all day long (perhaps that is a bit of an exaggeration, but even so). As such, I decided to name my blog with a phrase that describes two things I am passionate about, and therefore will be blogging about: pens and swords. Or rather, the activities that go hand in hand with them. Writing, for example. And assassins.

Do not expect any amount of sanity to be written in this blog. Insanity you certainly can expect. And pens. And swords. Obviously.


Talk to me.

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