Today is a very special day.

Today is the day I finished my geometry book.

Let's Party


Yeah! In honor of this festive occasion, I wrote a poem. Rather, an ode. To geometry. (Hence the post title.)

Ode to Geometry

 Math is always useful

At least, that’s what they say

And while numbers are a nice tool

Some things are not meant to stay

Let’s use trig as an example

Lovely stuff; sin, cos, and tan

They sound smart and quite substantial

But what use are they to man?

They just wallow in the corner

They serve no important cause

Yet we all must bear their evil

Or let our schooling forever pause

3D coordinate planes

That’s another major deal

2D is good enough

It almost echoes movies here!

We don’t need another number

We don’t need another line

We don’t need added confusion

 x and y alone are fine

However, those two problems

Do nothing to compare

With the horrors known as proofs

I hardly want to venture there

Why can’t we accept

That these theorems are all true?

Why make us, the deprived students

Prove all these things to you?

It must be a torture instrument

Created for our pain

So that we’re utterly confused

And nearly tear out all our brains

So now that I have finished

This treatise of protests

I can make this statement firmly

I can definitely attest

That geometry is torment

It’s a plague unjustified

If you haven’t yet endured it—

I will pray that you survive

But I can say at last

The end is finally here

So goodbye, Saxon Geometry

I won’t see you next year!

So, in conclusion, thank you, geometry, for making my school year awful. (Well, my school year wasn’t REALLY AWFUL, but the geometry part certainly was.) I’m so glad it’s over.

And now a question for y’all: What is your opinion of math (geometry in particular)? Love it or hate it?

Well, then, I’m off to celebrate. BYE, Y’ALL. SEE YOU WHEN I SEE YOU.

  1. Ivy says:


    I really, really, love your poem. It is wonderfully fantasnable. :) It really sums (LOL! pun) up my feelings on anything past basic math in general.

    • Andrea says:


      Why, thank you! (I like your pun :)) Yep, I like algebra, but…that’s about it. I doubt I’ll like any of the advanced math crap I may have to do, either…:( But the POINT IS, geometry is over hallelujah! :D

  2. Mime says:

    I adore the way you said, “why can’t we just believe the theorems?” EXACTLY!! That’s my opinon on maths and science experiments and such. :) Actually, some of them aren’t too bad. But still. I’m doing a crash course in decimal review at the moment. It’s very easy, so maths isn’t reverberating my brain into porridge for the time being.

    • Andrea says:

      Yeah, I pretty much loathe math at the moment…but it has its redeeming qualities. Like the quadratic equation. I like the quadratic equation. :) And of course the basic stuff is fine, too. :D

  3. Erin says:

    It’s not fair! You’re three years behind me, and already finished with geometry, while I’m still working on it when I should have finished last year…ANGER.

    ANYHOW…Congrats! And I love your poem. I burst out laughing while reading it.

  4. Andrea says:

    That’s true. But all the same…just keep going!! :P

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