Jesus Christ is Risen Today!

Posted: March 31, 2013 in I am so awesome, Life, Uncategorized
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Alleluia PRAISE JESUS. I’m feeling very caps-lock-y today, because…It’s Easter. Which means it’s not Lent. Which means I get to eat SWEET THINGS. Like Snickers and chocolate eggs and Mike&Ike’s and Peeps. And everything in my Easter basket.


Look what I found in the cupboard!

Oh, happy day. Chocolate. Candy. Wondrousness.

But, of course, Easter isn’t about candy! Easter is about happy things. Well, a happy thing: Jesus rising from the dead (like a ninja. Jesus is actually way more epic than a ninja). It’s the happiest day of the year. Alleluia.

So. Have a happy Easter! YAYYYYYYYY.

  1. Amanda says:

    ‘Allo! I can’t remember if you can get into my blog anymore…after that switch to private things got wacky. :P If you can’t, just let me know and give me your wordpress username thingy so I can add you :)

    And, WHOOOOOO! Happy Resurrection Day a bit late! :D

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