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The Teens Can Write Too! blog chain topic for March is…

Write a letter to an antagonist.

(And yes, I needed to blockquote that.)

After long deliberation, I have finally decided to write to Bane, the principle antagonist from The Dark Knight Rises. There will be spoilers in this letter, so beware. I am experiencing so many feels…but here goes.

Bane, Evil Mastermind

205 Oblivion Avenue

Inferno, The Realms of Death


Dear Bane,

I don’t think you meant to be an evil terrorist.

You spent a long time in that prison. All those years damaged you, almost irreparably. But you helped Talia. You protected her, and helped her escape. You loved her. And that is why I don’t think you’re absolutely evil.

In the first scene of the movie, you’re pretty epic. All macho dude and everything. But why take all that epicness and try to ruin Gotham? Why did you need to channel your abilities into destruction? Revenge? Love? Hate?

Think of everything you could do if you weren’t so evil. You probably have the physical strength of three men combined, and are a strategist to top that. You’re brawn with brain. It would have been so much better for Gotham–and for you–if you had decided not to blow lots of things up. For one, you wouldn’t be dead.

And there we have another thing. When you’re evil, you have to make the right friends. You also have to avoid the worst enemies. Yes, Batman is the main person I’m talking about here. Of course he would never join you–you’re pro-bomb and he’s anti-bomb–but what about Selina? If you had played your cards more carefully, you could have kept her on your side. If you had done that, well…you probably wouldn’t be dead. Locked up, maybe. But not dead.

It’s all about choosing your enemies, Bane. And choosing your friends. Which you did with Talia. You helped her escape so long ago. There was at least a shred of goodness in you then. What happened to it? What stamped out that sympathy? It was inevitable that you would be hardened, toughened from your years in prison. Couldn’t you have tried to overcome it, though? Couldn’t you have chosen to be good?

I’ll admit it, I cried when you died. Sobbed is more like it, actually. And these are the reasons why:

1) Okay, despite the mask, you’re kind of attractive. Mainly in the first scene, I suppose. But still.

2) I cry over the death of any well-developed villain. It’s a fact.

3) But the main reason why I was so stricken by your death was because I wished you had become a better person. I wished you hadn’t died the villain. I wished you could have redeemed yourself, somehow, and moved on from the bitterness eating away at your soul. You had it in yourself to do that, and yet you chose not to while you lived. And for that, I am truly sorry for.

Okay. Enough with the mushy stuff. Let’s move onto the lighter fare.

First off, can you teach me how to fight? Your fighting is just spectacular. The combination of strength and agility works so well. Props to you.

Also, where do you even get masks like that? And how much do they cost? Did you rob a bank in order to purchase it? ‘Cuz I’m getting the feeling you didn’t have much pocket money back then. And is it a coincidence that that particular mask makes your voice sound like a techno Darth Vader? Or did you order it specifically for that purpose? Because…dude, that’s just cool. It looks a little primate-ish, but it’s still cool.

Oh, oh! This is a question I’ve been meaning to ask an antagonist…How do you come up with all of the melodramatic phrases? “The fire rises.” “Peace has cost you your strength! Victory has defeated you!” I must applaud you; you didn’t say many overly dramatic lines during The Dark Knight Rises. But there were some. There must be a book out there…Inspirational Quotes for VillainsHow to Speak Pithily–World Domination Edition? Please, I’d love to know.

That’s all I have to say, Bane. If you’d like to reply (as you can see, I have many questions for you), feel free to write back. Maybe we can be penpals? I could offer you healing and advice, if you’d like.



24601 Rainbow Road

Insanità, Imaginaerum


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Also, that letter was a little disjointed. Sorry for that. I hastily wrote it today (as I had procrastinated for the entire month of March), so it was a hurried sort of thing.

P.S. Les Mis is released on DVD today! For the record, I did buy it. Now it’s your turn. HELP THE DREAM LIVE ON. BUY LES MIS.

  1. Erin says:

    BANE. He was cool.


  2. matttblack42 says:

    I love Bane, almost as much as the Joker. The only problem was that his voice was sometimes hard to understand.

    Also, if I were to write a letter to Bane, I’d ask him “How do you eat with that giant mask on?”

    • Andrea says:

      Yes, I agree! I actually think I like him more than the Joker, because he had a backstory that added tragedy and fun stuff like that. :)

      OH GOODNESS I completely forgot about that. That’s an extremely valid point…(I do wonder how he does it…erm, did it).

  3. cait says:

    I want to watch this movie! The Joker was pretty creepy…so if the villains get better then him, I’m all for it. Plus, if there’s a book called “How to Speak Pithily–World Domination Edition”, I want to read it too.

    stopping by from the TCWT chain

    • Andrea says:

      Oh, do! It’s spectacular (I liked it more than Batman Begins or The Dark Knight, actually).

      I’m still waiting to hear back from Bane about the existence of such a novel. I will be sure to inform you if any promising data surfaces. :D

  4. averythorne says:

    I’m sure I saw Inspirational Quotes for Villains somewhere…
    It was right beside ‘Needlessly Complicated Deathtraps’ and ‘Evil Laughter for Dummies’…
    Oh yeah, Teen Writers Unite!
    Sorry, I forgot the power-rings in my other jacket.

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