Wow. I’m posting for a second time in one day. This may be turning into a semi-habit.

Well, I’ve been getting back into a picture taking/picture editing phase. As such, I’ve decided I’ll share some of my fairly recent pics with you, because I’m just like that.

I edited these pictures on PicMonkey, Pixlr Express, Ribbet, or iPiccy. (No, I don’t have Photoshop. Woe is me.)

All rights reserved, and all that.

Butterfly 1.1 blue gritty

For this pic, I added some paint overlays and subtle effects to give it a cool look (“Cool” as in blues/greens, not “I’m so cool.”). That’s all I can remember from this edit (I did it a while ago…).

White flowerbud 1.0 burst

I only enhanced the picture for this edit. I adjusted the exposure, colors, et cetera, and then added focal soften to make the flower the only focus point. I tried to bring out the vibrant greens of the picture and give it a springtime look.

The Scene 1.2 heatmap

I pretty much only sharpened this a little and gave it heatmap. The result was surprisingly favorable. (When I edit pictures, I try out a lot of effects on the pic. You never know what will look cool–this pic is the perfect example!)

The Scene 1.1 neon

This is the same picture as above, with a neon effect. That’s pretty much it. :)

House at the end of the street 1.2 red-black

I happened to be sitting in the car parked outside this immensely creepy house and decided to take some pictures of it. A few months later, I stumbled across the pic on my computer, and decided to make it look even creepier. At some point I’m going to add text and make this my own version of the House at the End of the Street poster. (Sorry. I will never be able to forget that movie. :D)

House at the end of the street 1.1 green-black smoke

This is another version of the above picture. I went all-out here. I added a green/black/brown horror effect instead of the reddish/orange one I used above. Then I added a smoke overlays, a flame overlay, and a vignette to complete the picture.

Dragonfly 1

This is a picture, as you may have surmised, of a dragonfly which landed on the window screen one fall day. I rotated the picture, added a ton of color-affecting effects, and some grunge and retro overlays. I ended up with the above.

Playground spiral 1.2 subtle browns

This is one of those spirally thingies that you sometimes see on playgrounds. I think you’re supposed to walk around and around the spirals until you reach the bottom (When I was little, I would just use it like a ladder. I was just practical that way.) I added a hardlight paint effect to this and then gave it a brown/slightly old-looking effect. This is my “subtle browns” edit…

Playground spiral 1.0 final

…and this is my CRAZY LIGHTS AND COLOR SQUEEEEEE edit. I gave this the hardlight paint overlay, as well, and enhanced the colors. Then I started in on the extra overlays. I gave it a lot of paint and neon textures–basically everything crazy happened here. I’m the sort of person that loves explosions of color, so I took the liberty of adding many of those to this pic.

I hope you enjoyed my little gallery! In the future, as I shoot more pictures and edit them, I plan on posting more. (Not because it’s an easy post, of course not that…)

See you when I see you!


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