My Nerdiness is Confirmed

Posted: January 27, 2013 in I am so awesome, Life, Uncategorized
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Look! It's so shiny and NEW!

It’s so shiny and NEW!

So, there’s this thing which is a quiz which you take which tells you everything you need to know about yourself. Also, the logo thingy is so cool. I love how it combines iconic letters/typefaces. So clever. :)

Well, it only tells you what you’d be/where you’d be in different fandoms. It’s kind of epic, and I was so excited about this nerdy awesome thing that I wanted to post about it. So, I’m just going to go through everything and express my opinions of WHO I AM.

Harry Potter: Well, this is cool, because for obvious reasons Gryffindor is pretty epic. Actually, Gryffindor is really epic. To be truthful, though, I was hoping for Ravenclaw, because I just like Ravenclaw. However, I like Gryffindor, too.

Hunger Games: So this means I’m starving and struggling to stay alive? It could also mean I’m a good archer. I wouldn’t mind that. :)

Twilight: I’M NOT A VAMPIRE! HALLELUJAH! But if you ask me, Bella is just as bad as any vampire (except she doesn’t sparkle, which is definitely a plus). In any case, I’m so glad I’m not distantly related to Edward. *breathes a heavy sigh of relief*

Lord of the Rings: Ah, poop. Well, after seeing other people’s results, I guess that being man isn’t rare at all. I still would have liked to be an elf…which I also realized isn’t a rare thing at all. (Not that I thought it was rare. I mean, elves are just epic! Who wouldn’t want to be one?!)

Star Wars: YESSSSSS. Jedi, I am. Makes me happy, this does. So pleased, am I. Lightsaber ninja, I am. Er. Jeez, they could have mentioned that talking like Yoda is a hazard of the job. Worse things, there are. Ahem.

Divergent: YES I get to jump off buildings and trains and just…*happiness*

His Dark Materials: I don’t know this fandom.

Mortal Instruments: I don’t know this fandom. (Though if the werewolves here are anything like the werewolves in Twilight…oh crap.)

Percy Jackson: This just makes me so happy. It would have been kind of cool for them to tell you what cabin you’d be in at Camp Half-Blood, too, but I’m content knowing that I would be at Camp Half-Blood. (Hopefully in Athena…or maybe Zeus…but mainly Athena…For some reason, I just like smart people. Like the peeps in Ravenclaw and in Athena’s cabin.)

Chronicles of Narnia: This is good, I suppose. There’s really nothing else I could be (except for human; that’d be okay too), so…yeah.

Game of Thrones: I don’t know this fandom.

Dr. Who: I don’t know this fandom, but I’m assuming this is good…maybe?

Delirium: I would be a little bit concerned if anybody was classified as cured. That would just be…disturbing. So I’m glad I’m not (I don’t think there was a chance of me being cured, anyway, but it’s just reassuring.)

Star Trek: I don’t know this fandom, but I think Klingons are bad, so that isn’t good. Their name is funny, though. It reminds me of a window cling. You know, like a window cling-on? Klingon? Never mind. Goodness, that was corny. *bonks self with a frying pan*

Battlestar Galactica: I don’t know this fandom. But being human is always pretty good. Usually.

Let me know in the comments what your fandom identity is (or link to your blogs if you posted about it)! I’d love to know! Also, comments make me happy. And happiness is a nice feeling to have, ya know?

See you when I see you! (Which might not be for a while…this is my second post of the day, after all. I’ll…well, I’ll see you when I see you. Like I said.)

So…yeah! (It’s okay if you don’t get this joke-catchphrase-whatever; I only expect a few peeps to recognize it. ;))

  1. Paulina Czarnecki says:

    That’s awesome, I’m going to check it out! (:

  2. nevillegirl says:

    I’d much rather be Man than Ent, which is what I got. :P

    I don’t know too much about Star Trek, but if I remember correctly, Klingons aren’t always bad.

  3. Andrea says:

    Well, Ents still are pretty epic. :)

    After I published the post, I looked Klingons up and saw that they’re warriors, which is cool, but they still seem a little creepy…

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